ReCreation & Culture

Ipswich ReCreation & Culture is the hub for community enrichment, providing centralized coordination of recreational and cultural programming in celebration of Ipswich arts, open space, history, and heritage for residents and visitors alike.
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  1. Ipswich Downtown Tuesdays 2017

    Ipswich is rolling out the Dance Floor for a eight band line-up this season!
  2. Steve & The Believers LIVE on the Ipswich Riverwalk

    Rock, Funk, Pop, Ska, R&B Be a Believer! Free! Fun! Public.
  3. 4th of July Independence Day Parade

    Ipswich is the Birthplace of American Independence, for it was from an Ipswich pulpit, that Reverand John Winthrop first declared "No Taxation without consent of the General Assembly!" Ipswich is the Birthplace of American In
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