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We have come a LONG way and now recycle more than ever with our 1-barrel limit and curbside composting! Congratulations, Ipswich!


Recycling is mandatory for municipal curbside trash pickup customers in Ipswich. The town is paid for its recyclables, whereas trash disposal services are charged by weight. There are many options for recycling beyond the municipal program, so before you throw that piece of “trash” into the garbage can, think about how it might be reused or recycled instead. Turn trash to cash.

Curbside Recycling
Many common, household materials can be recycled curbside.


Newspapers and inserts

Magazines, catalogues, and phone books

Junk mail, including window envelopes (you do not need to remove the window)

Office paper

CARTONS! Aseptic (wine, soy products, broths), gabled (refrigerated juice, milk, etc.)
and ice cream cartons (all cartons must be rinsed and drained)

Wrapping paper

Paperback & hardcover books (remove hard covers first)

Paperboard (e.g., “cereal box” or “gray” cardboard that has not been in contact with food)

Paper bags

Shiny paper

Cardboard Corrugated cardboard does not need to be flattened, cut or folded.
Glass Glass, bottles, and jars (neck rings and caps are OK, but corks and Styrofoam labels must be removed)

Metal food cans (deposit and non-deposit)

Clean aluminum foil


Plastic containers labeled #1 - #7 (with lids and spouts removed)

No expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam)

“White Goods” Air conditioners, freezers, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, ranges, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, and water heaters can be taken to the Transfer Station during regular operating hours. Televisions and computer monitors are NOT accepted. Curbside pickup is also available for $25 for each item (TVs and monitors accepted). Purchase stickers by calling JRM at 978-536-2500 with a credit card handy.
Leaves Picked up curbside with regular trash one week per year; must be contained in biodegradable paper leaf bags (no plastic).

How to Prepare Recyclables for Curbside Pickup
Ipswich curbside recycling is single stream (fully commingled), which means that all recycling can be placed in the same container! Cardboard boxes do not need to be broken down.

Recycling Bins
The Public Works department will provide one (1) recycling container per residential dwelling that receives municipal solid waste pickup. Additional bins are available at the DPW office for $10 each. Any other container of similar size and weight can be used for recyclables as well (e.g., plastic utility tub, heavy cardboard box). You can also identify your non-traditional recycling bin with a unique “Ipswich Recycles” logo sticker! Stickers are available free at the DPW or you may contact the recycling committee to get a sticker.

Remember, the town pays for trash but is paid for collecting recyclables, so recycling MORE than a standard bin’s worth saves the town in garbage fees and reduces landfill wastes!

Curbside Pickup Schedule
Recycling bins, paper and corrugated cardboard are collected every week on your regular trash collection day. Whenever a scheduled collection day falls on a holiday, that day’s collection and all remaining collections for the week will be delayed one day. Friday’s collection will be on Saturday. White goods can be dropped off at the Transfer Station for FREE. If you need curbside pickup, call JRM at 978.536.2500 to pay and schedule. They are collected once a month, usually during the third week of the month.

Transfer Station
The Ipswich Transfer Station is a dropoff facility open to all Ipswich residents. The Transfer Station is located on Town Farm Road and is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. A resident sticker is required for use (Beach or Transfer Station sticker). Businesses require a Transfer Station Disposal Permit, available at Public Works.
You may recycle the following materials at the Transfer Station.

  • Metals!! Anything that is at least 60% metal can be dropped off for free. This includes appliances, excercise equipment, bikes etc. Car batteries can also be dropped off during Transfer Sation hours.
  • Yard waste including leaves, twigs, branches, and small shrubs (no logs or stumps). Branches must be no longer than 4 feet and no thicker than 4” in diameter.
  • Rigid plastic -- plastics such as laundry baskets and play structures (these are not marked with a recycling symbol)
  • Books
  • Clothes and textiles
  • Waste cooking oil (animal and vegetable oils)
  • Cardboard
  • Fluorescent bulbs, including CFLs
  • Recycling bins are available for residents who do not have curbside recycling


  • Special collections twice a year for oil-based paint and epoxy paint
  • Polyurethane, stains, varnishes, paint thinners
  • Tires without rims

Special collection days are held at the Transfer Station.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection
There is one hazardous waste collection per year (September) at the Transfer Station. You must display proof of residency to participate. An assortment of items may be dropped off, including the following.

  • Garage wastes (fuels, oils, waxes, etc.)
  • Household chemicals (polishes, glues, cleaners and more)
  • Yard poisons (weed killers, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Workbench solvents (preservatives, adhesives, etc.)