Code Enforcement

James A. Sperber, Director

Email: Jim Sperber

Telephone:  978-356-6605

Fax:  978-356-6680

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Enforcement of the regulations of the Massachusetts State Building Code, and the Ipswich Zoning Bylaw is the responsibility of this office.  Building Permits, Certificates of Use / Occupancy, and Annual Inspection Certificates are all issued by this department.  All the applications and forms for the Building Department are available on this Website or in the office. We are located on the first floor of Town Hall on the Green St. side of the building. 

We maintain regular Town Hall hours and for your convenience try to remain open during the lunch hour (staff permitting).  We also have a menu-driven telephone system.  This system allows you to go directly to the person to whom you wish to speak, or their voicemail if they are unavailable. 

There is also an extension number specifically for inspection requests.  This is an automated line only so please follow the prompt when leaving your request.  This is the most efficient way for us to process your request so please use this line rather than contacting an individual. Please refer to "How to Schedule a Construction Progress Inspection".

Our staff includes administrative personnel, who can answer most of your procedural or non-technical questions and are available throughout the business day.  The Building Inspectors are capable of answering all of your questions.

Whether you are a resident or contractor, we work toward making your interaction with this department pleasant and efficient. The next pages contain specific information about interacting with the building department and list requirements for some of the tasks that fall under its jurisdiction.  We have also provided a Building Department - FAQ's for your convenience.

Building permit application forms are located in a wall rack in the hallway outside the office.


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