Riverbend Trails

143 County Road - Privately owned

Located at Ipswich River Watershed Association (IRWA) headquarters

- Parking area can be found down the access road, which is the first left off of the IRWA driveway

- Seasonal parking for trail and river dock access

- For parking during the winter months, continue straight to the IRWA office parking lot

- Loop trail passes through the former Bainard Gardens, now mostly overgrown

- Remaining stone features of gardens

- Informational and educational signs at the parking area and along the trail

- Scenic views of the Ipswich River in a wooded setting

- The trail also leads from IRWA’s river dock in two directions up the hill towards the IRWA headquarters

Important note: In the spring of 2023, there was a native restoration plan approved by Ipswich's Conservation Commission to remove invasive trees and vegetation and replace them with native species. There may be tree construction at the beginning of the trail on the left past the parking lot. Use caution. 

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Riverbend Trails

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