Building Department

Building Department Mission


The Building Department provides public safety through enforcement of the Massachusetts State Building Code and the Specialized Codes: Plumbing, Gas, Electric, Mechanical, Sheet Metal, Fire Prevention and Architectural Accessibility Codes.



The Department further protects public safety and enhances property values through the enforcement of The Town of Ipswich Bylaws and Town of Ipswich Protective Zoning Bylaws. Issuing permits, performing inspections, enforcing the codes and bylaws help to make are buildings safer, more durable and energy efficient.


Any questions concerning zoning regulations, such as  land use, structure locations and set backs should be directed to the Building Inspector.

Questions regarding procedures to appeal the Zoning Bylaws or the Building Inspectors decision, procedures for filing a petition, filing deadlines or status of a decision or to view ZBA files, should be directed to Marie Rodgers, Zoning Administrative Assistant.