Required Building Inspections

Town of Ipswich - Building Department - Required Inspections

To schedule an inspection Call: 978-356-6605 Ext:1 (24/7)

Excavation / Footings – Before Concrete
    • After excavation, footing forms and any required steel is in place.
    • If soil conditions are poor call for a separate excavation inspection

Foundation Walls– Before Concrete

    • After wall forms and any required steel is in place.

Foundation Walls– Prior to Backfill

    • After damp/water proofing and drainage is in place.

Foundation As-Built  

        • Confirm setbacks and heights with proposed for zoning, Special Permit and Variance Decisions.
        • Confirm setbacks and heights with proposed flood hazard area elevation certification if applicable.
        • Registered Land Surveyor/ Engineer stamped As-Built uploaded to online permitting before framing begins.

Concrete Slab /Under Floor Inspection - Before Concrete

    • All required steel, crushed stone, radon piping, drainage, insulation and vapor barrier are in place.
    • All underground plumbing, gas, electrical and sheet metal/ mechanical  inspections are complete.

Frame/ Rough Inspection - Building is “Dry-Inside” before siding.

    • Framing, bracing, blocking, sheathing and weather resistive barrier is complete.
    • Doors and windows are installed to manufactures specifications.
    • Rough plumbing, gas and electrical inspections are complete.
    • Fire blocking and stopping is installed at all required locations.
Fire Rated Assemblies/ Sprinkler & Alarm Systems
  • Fire rated assemblies are installed to meet required rating standard.
  • Fire suppression and/or fire protection system rough inspection.

Insulation/ Energy Efficiency Inspection  

    • Insulation installation and air sealing is complete 
    • HERS Raters Compliance Report/ Inspection checklist uploaded for new residential construction.

Final Inspection - Final required inspections as indicated on permit card

    • Final plumbing, gas, electrical and fire inspections are complete.
    • Assessors, Conservation, Health and Planning Departments sign-off as required.
    • All conditions from Special Permit and/or Variance Decisions have been met.
    • Confirmed HERS rating with performance tests results uploaded to online permitting.
    • Final As-Built plot plan stamped by a registered Land Surveyor uploaded to online permitting.
    • Flood elevation certificate stamped by a registered Engineer uploaded to online permitting.
Certificate of Occupancy will be issued when all of the applicable inspections and sign-offs are complete

Special Inspections

    • Construction Control - Required Site Review and Documentation by Registered Design Professional.
    • NOTE: All Building Officials progress inspections are required in addition to Construction Control.
    • Manufactured Homes - 24 hours notice required prior to the arrival of the boxes.
    • Masonry Chimneys – when the throat, smoke shelf and make-up air are in place.
    • Additional Inspection may be required at Building Officials discretion.

Special Notes

    • Work covered without an inspection maybe required to be dismantled.
    • It is required of all permit holders to schedule a final inspection to close out the permit at jobs end.
    • An open permit is leaving behind unfinished business and future problems for property owners.