Curbside Composting

Another Way to Recycle!

Feeling bad about putting food waste, kitty litter and dirty paper (napkins, paper towels, pizza disks) in your trash? Join the Curbside Compost Program and toss your food waste in a bin for curbside pickup! The price is just $1.15 per household per week less than the cost of an overthrow bag per week!

This program picks up organics at your curb each Wednesday. Participants will receive a free 12-gallon, wheeled collection cart with a locking lid. We accept all food scraps (including meat and bones), kitty litter (no bentonite), weeds, grass clippings, and soiled paper products (napkins, tissues, paper towels and plates).

Interested in participating? Email with questions or sign up at the DPW office on the second floor of town hall at 25 Green Street.

The Ipswich Recycling Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Department of Public Works, encourages residents to participate in this curbside food waste collection.