Office Supporting the Board of Appeals

The Office for the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is staffed by a part-time Administrative Assistant, who provides administrative and technical support to the ZBA, as well as guidance and assistance to potential applicants.
This includes managing and coordinating all aspects of petition-related activities, providing information to the public about the required procedures, and assisting applicants with the process of submitting applications or appeals to the ZBA. 
Questions regarding procedures to file a petition before the Appeals Board, filing deadlines, status of a decision, or to view ZBA files should be directed to ZBA Administrative Assistant Marie Rodgers. Inquiries about the application of the zoning bylaw are outside of the jurisdiction of the ZBA Office and should be directed to the Building Inspector.

Where is the Zoning Office?

The Zoning Office is located on the first floor of town hall, in the Building Department.

I read a legal notice about a project needing approval from the ZBA. How do I find out more about the project?
 Marie Rodgers, Administrative Assistant maintains a file for each project before the Board and is available to assist you with your questions.

What is the difference between a special permit and a variance?

The Board may grant Variances under specific circumstances where a hardship exist and only when the hardship is directly related to the land. Some examples are soil characteristics, shape or topography. If someone feels there is a financial hardship, it must also be related to the land in some manner.

The Board may grant a Special Permit if the proposed work or use does not have detrimental effect on the surrounding neighborhood. Some of the general categories of consideration are any increases of traffic, parking, noise, dust, odors, ect.