Appeal Process

Any person aggrieved by a decision of a zoning violation notification and /or denial of a building permit may request a hearing.

Appeals Petition Application

Make Your Case

While no section of General Law Chapter 40A outlines criteria or conditions that must be determined, a case or argument must be made to convince the board that the decision of the Building Inspector / Zoning Enforcement Officer should be overturned or reversed. Request to reverse decision are determined on a “case by case” basis considering information and facts presented at the public hearing.

Discuss the Project

As a final point, prior to submitting this application, it is recommended that you meet with a representative of the permit granting authority e.g. the Building Inspector, the Health Agent, Conservation Agent, and Town Planner. Additionally, meet with your neighbors and abutters to your property and to discuss the project.

Seek Legal Advice

Town official are available to assist you, but if you know or feel you may have legal concerns please consult an attorney. Consulting with town officials regarding this applicant does not express or claim to be a substitute for professional legal representation.

Board Meetings

The Ipswich Zoning Board of Appeals meets the 3rd Thursday of each month except during December.

Application Deadline - Please see  Filing & Deadline Dates

All applications must be filed in the Town Clerks office no later than 1 hour before closing; dates are subject to change.

For more information about the Board or about information on this page, please contact Administrative Assistant, Marie Rodgers at or 978-356-6672.