Planning Division

The Planning Division is a division within the Department of Planning and Development.
The Planning Division is a resource for assistance with permitting a variety of development projects, providing information about properties and development possibilities, managing the scenic road program, preparing zoning and general bylaw amendments, long term/comprehensive planning, and more. The Division is responsible for engaging with the public in an ongoing dialogue about the future development of Ipswich.

The Division provides administrative and technical support to the Planning Board, Design Review Board, Historical Commission, Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board, Housing Partnership, Architectural Preservation District Commission and other committees and departments.
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    The Department of Planning and Community Development is seeking volunteers for the Community Development Plan Steering Committee. Read on...
  2. Dam Removal Feasibility Study MA Environmental Trust Grant

    The Massachusetts Environmental Trust has awarded the Town a $25,000 grant in support of the Town's Dam Removal Feasibility project. Read on...
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