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Manganese Advisory

Two of the town's six water sources exceed the recommended level of Manganese (Mn), a naturally occurring nutrient. Use of these two sources has been restricted to minimize customer exposure. New customers are urged to learn more by reading the related documents or by contacting our office at (978) 356-6635.

Cross-Connection Advisory

Cross-connections that contaminate drinking water distribution lines are a major concern. Outside water taps and garden hoses tend to be the most common sources of cross-connection contamination at home. For example, a garden hose creates a hazard when submerged in a swimming pool or when attached to a chemical sprayer for weed killing. Fertilizers, cesspools, or garden chemicals may contaminate garden hoses that are left lying on the ground. For more information, review the related documents or contact our office at (978) 356-6635.

Cross-Connection Advisory Documents

Water Quality Reports

Lead and Copper Testing Reports

Visit our Drought Status Page for updates on the current drought status and water restriction action level.