The following utilities are available in Ipswich:

View information on the municipal electric plant, its facilities, and energy programs online.

Wastewater Department
Visit the Ipswich Wastewater Department page to learn about the sewer collection system and treatment process that handles the wastewater generated by its 2,100 customers.  View information on rates and tips to properly handle fats, oils and grease.

Water Department
Visit the Ipswich Water Department page to learn more about the Ipswich water system, created in 1894.  Find information about rates, water quality and the 93 mile distribution system.

National Grid - Gas Company - 888-377-5325   http://www2.nationalgridus.com
Comcast - Cable TV, Internet & Phone - 800-266-2278   http://www.comcast.com
Verizon  - Cable TV & Internet -800-837-4966   http://www.verizon.com/home/fios/
Verizon  - Phone - 800-837-4966   http://www.verizonwireless.com
Direct TV - 855-854-4388   http://www.directv.com

AT&T - 800-331-0500   https://www.att.com