Parking Clerk

Corinna Warner
P. O. Box 608

25 Green St.

Ipswich, MA  01938

Email: CorinnaW@IpswichMa.Gov

Ph. #  978-356-6611

Click here to view the "Traffic Rules and Regulations"

Payment (due within 21 days)

Please mail payment (check or money order) inside the ticket envelope provided or pay in person at Town Hall / Treasurers Office to the Parking Clerk.

Hearing Requests (must be received and scheduled within 21 days from date of violation)

To obtain a hearing :

  1. Submit a written hearing letter, including pictures or diagrams to show where you were parked, along with any other details describing the parking issue.  
  2. Call to schedule a time to come in and have a hearing at the Treasurer's Office, Town Hall.
  3. Call for a phone hearing to discuss the ticket and details over the phone.

** You will not receive a judgement at the time of the hearing.

Past Due Tickets

Past due or marked tickets can be paid at Town Hall or to the Deputy Tax Collector, Kelley & Ryan Associates. Ph. # 508-473-9660 or online here.

Snow/Ice Emergency Street Parking Ban 

Click here to view the "Snow/Ice Emergency Street Parking Ban" by-law.

Residents can check the parking ban status by calling the snow emergency line (978) 412-8705.

During a snow or ice event requiring snow plow operations, all on street parking is banned even for permitted vehicles. Vehicles must be moved into available off-street parking which includes municipal lots at Hammett Street, Elm Street and the MBTA train lot. People can park there until the streets are cleared, these lots are on a first come basis.

Once the streets are plowed, it’s time to leave the lots so they can be worked on. The notification to remove your vehicle from one of the municipal maintained lots will be indicated by a blue light on a utility pole in the lot. When lit, the blue light indicates parking in that lot is prohibited until snow removal is finished. Vehicle owners should regularly check the status of the lot they parked in to ensure they are not in violation of that lot. There is a $50 fine for failing to move from the lot when the blue lights are on and the vehicle will be towed at the owners’ expense.

Parking Ticket Fees

Parking Ticket fees have increased as of Sept. 2019, our current ticket fees are Group A $30.00, Group B $100.00 and Group C $300.00. Late fees and additional penalty fees will continue to accrue on any ticket not paid/received within 21 days.

Downtown Parking Map

Click here to see a map of the locations for long-term parking options for non-Ipswich residents.  This map is for informational purposes only. Please consult with the appropriate traffic and parking signs along with the "Traffic Rules and Regulations".  

Pavilion Beach Rules and Regulations

Click here to view the Rules and Regulations for Pavilion Beach. Please note that there is no parking on any side streets near the Pavilion Beach. Residency verification can be displayed with a Crane Beach Sticker or Transfer Station Sticker affixed to the Vehicle.