Current Projects

Elementary School Siting and the 2003 Community Development Plan
Guidance on Community Development Plan Purpose and Question of Elementary School Siting
Town Counsel opinion on Section 15-3 of Town Code to School Committee Recommendation for Siting New Elementary School

Planning Board Report to Town Meeting, May 8, 2018

Planning Board Initiated Potential Zoning Amendments GB & CB
Article 16 2018 ATM Language

Planning Board Initiated Potential Zoning Amendments OSPZ
Article 17 2018 ATM Language

2017 Fall Town Meeting Zoning Amendments
Articles 7 & 8 FAQ for 2017 Special Town Meeting
Contact Info & Opportunity for Discussion with Board Members and Staff Info
Memo to Board of Selectmen Regarding Referral of Articles (Includes draft amendments and article summaries)
August 10 Planning Board Hearing Notice
2017 Special Town Meeting Planning Board Report
Final Proposed Language- refer to Warrant
DRAFT Zoning Bylaw Clean with 2017 STM Amendments- Pending A.G. Approval

Community Development Plan Update
Under the direction of the Planning Division and Planning Board the Town will be embarking on an update to its 2003 Community Development Plan. Please contact the Planning Office with questions or comments and stay tuned for more information.

Other Projects

Ipswich Mills Dam Removal Feasibility Study
Ipswich Mills Dam Removal Feasibility Study
Scope of Work, 3/15/16
June 2016 Notice of Intent Filing for activities related to drawdown, anticipated for August 15
FAQ and Summer 2016 Activities Description
ICAM video about the project:

Massachusetts Environmental Trust Support of Dam Removal Feasibility Study
During September of 2017 the Massachusetts Environmental Trust gave the Town a financial boost toward this project with a $25,000 grant. This funding will enable the Town to further the Dam Removal Feasibility Study. Specifically, the funding will go towards conceptual designs and renderings and cost estimates of the dam-out scenario, which will aid the Town in its consideration of removing the dam.

Supporting the environmental programs funded by the Trust is easy: choose one of three environmental plates, the Right Whale & Roseate Terns, the Leaping Brook Trout or the Blackstone Valley Mill when you purchase or lease a new car or renew your registration with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Visit your local Registry of Motor Vehicles to order a plate online at or You can also visit the Trust program at to learn more about the Trust, the programs is supports, and the specialty license plate offerings.

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