Electric Vehicles Chargers

In Our Community:

The Ipswich Electric Light Department, and The Town of Ipswich are committed to reducing green house gas emissions by not only adding EVs to our own fleet, but by arming our residents with information and incentives that could make getting an EV possible.

There are currently two charging stations available for public use in Ipswich at a rate of $1.25/hour. These stations are conveniently located at 12 Hammatt Street and 44 So Main Street.

EV Charging Stations Around Ipswich

Charging Stations

Free Level 2 Charger (up to $700) with enrollment in the

Connected Homes Program!

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Connected Homes Program

Refer to the table below to learn which devices and brands are eligible for participation in Connected Homes.

Smart DevicesQualifying BrandsMonthly Incentive
Electric Vehicle ChargerChargePoint$10
Electric Vehicle ChargerEnel X JuiceBox$10
Electric Vehicle Charger
Electric Hot Water HeaterGE$5
Electric Hot Water HeaterRheem$5
Mini-Split ControllerFlair$5
Mini-Split ControllerSensibo$5
Wi-Fi ThermostatGoogle Nest**$5
Wi-Fi ThermostatHoneywell/Resideo$5

Charging an Electric Vehicle:

Charging your electric vehicle at home requires a professionally installed electric vehicle charging station. Charging times will vary depending on the capacity of the battery, how depleted it is and the type of charger being used. The chart below offers some basic guidance for charging level supply power and charging times.

Charging LevelVehicle Range Added per Charging Time and PowerSupply Power
AC Level 14 mi/hour @1.4kW
6 mi/hour @ 1.9kW
(12-16A continuous)
AC Level 210 mi/hour @ 3.4kW
20 mi/hour @ 6.6kW
60 mi/hour @ 19.2kW
(16-80A continuous)
DC Fast Charging24 mi/20minutes @ 24kW
50 mi/20minutes @50kW
90 mi/20minutes @90kW
208/480VAC 3-phase
(input current proportional to output power; ~20-400A AC)

* Data from U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office

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What is an Electric Vehicle?:

All electric vehicles derive their power, at least in part by an electric battery. There are two main types of Electric Vehicles on the market, All Electric Vehicles (AEV) and  Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). 

100% Electric battery poweredGas powered when battery is depleted
Partially charged by regenerative breakingPartially charged by regenerative breaking
Averages 80-100 mile rangeAverages up to 50 mile range
ZERO gas emissionsReduced gas emissions by limiting consumption