Shady Creek Conservation Area

At the end of the Colonial Drive Cul-de-Sac - Town owned

- Consists of forested uplands and wetlands

- Over one-half mile of frontage along Ipswich River

- Several vernal pools that sustain species of amphibians

- Parking area is located on the west (right-hand) side of Colonial Drive before cul-de-sac turnaround

- Steep at beginning of trail, however the remainder is level and passes by wetlands

Important note: The MBTA commuter rail line traverses the property north to south so that portion of the property located on the east side of the railroad tracks is not accessible on foot.

More information: The Shady Creek Conservation Area offers vistas and natural landscapes that fit in with the rural character within the Town of Ipswich. There is a steep descend at the beginning of the trail, but the remaining part of the trail is level and passes along wetlands that feed into the Ipswich River. There is a short extension of the path at the northern end that goes through private land protected by a conservation restriction held by the Ipswich Conservation Commission. The trail loops back onto itself to return to the Shady Creek Conservation Area and back to Colonial Drive. 

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