Do I need to come to the Treasurer/Collector’s Office at Town Hall to pay my bills?

No, there are many other ways to pay your bills without coming to the Treasurer/Collector’s Office at Town Hall.

  • Secure mail drop box at the front of Town Hall. There is a large white box next to the handicapped parking spaces. Please be sure to put your check and bill information in a sealed envelope before putting into the mail drop box. Do not leave cash in the mail drop box.
  • Mail-In Lockbox service. With each original mailed bill, a remittance slip and a returned envelope were enclosed. Simply mail your check with the remittance slip in the envelope provided.
  • Online Bill Payment Portal. On the Town of Ipswich homepage, click “Online Payments” then click the City Hall Systems icon to take you to the secure online payment portal. Select the type of bill you want to pay from the menu on the left. Payments can be made for Real Estate taxes, Motor Vehicle Excise taxes, Personal Property taxes, Boat Excise Taxes. Beach Stickers can also be purchased through the online bill payment portal.

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1. Do I need to come to the Treasurer/Collector’s Office at Town Hall to pay my bills?
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